Thursday, October 26, 2006

Connecting offline and online marketing for better tracking and analysis

How can you connect visitors and customers resulting from TV, Radio and Print to your internet visitors and sales during the initial testing period for large marketing campaigns?

Several methods are available. We experimented with few of them with different clients. The best method depends on who your client is and his background.

If your client has a media background (TV, Radio), s/he will be more concerned about retrieving the resulting conversions; the easiest way is to assign a "Promotion code" to each distinct ad, so that when a visitor signs up for to the service/product, he may fill out the "Promotion code".

If your client is more technology oriented, s/he will be interested in more information about the visitors’ behavior, from the landing point to the exit point. For those clients, provide unique urls for each ad.

If we want to take it vise versa, from online marketing to offline sales, that is someone finds your product online, and now, they decide to use the 1800 number available on your website. If your client would like to know where did the client get that number from a Google Adword ad or from Search Engine Optimization efforts. You can automatically change the 1800 number based on the url parameter associated with the link that identifies the original location of the point link.

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allan said...

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